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9 convincing reasons to move to Alabama

Montgomery, Alabama

What is it about Alabama that makes it such an inviting place to live These nine outstanding qualities will give you a better idea:

  1. There’s always plenty of good ol’ Southern hospitality to go around

    If you are looking for a place where you can be surrounded by the nicest and most polite people you will ever encounter, you’ll absolutely love living in Alabama. In the Yellowhammer State, the people are as warm and sunny as the weather (which is another thing people find hard to resist about the place, by the way).
  2. You will find the best comfort food here

    Where there’s Southern hospitality, there is also Southern comfort food. Sure, you can look up the best restaurants in Alabama whenever you feel like splurging, but chances are, you’re already treating your taste buds with every home-cooked meal.

    Alabama’s mouth-watering culinary tradition has always been known for hearty barbecued or deep fried meats and seafood, but there is never any lack of options around these parts. You can even throw in the growing craft beer culture in the ever-expanding the range of flavors you can sample here.

  3. The entire state is a great place to explore and appreciate nature

    Some of the best places to visit in Alabama are its sprawling natural areas. These come in so many forms that will surely satisfy anyone’s idea of outdoor recreation.

    There are 50 miles of relaxing beaches along the Gulf Coast if you want to bask in the warm sunshine. If you prefer cooler and less humid conditions, lush mountain landscapes and trails provide the perfect escape. You can also explore forest and wetland area, or even caves if your sense of adventure calls for it.

  4. Live here if you are not a fan of big crowds

    The Alabama lifestyle is as laid-back as it gets. You don’t have to worry about getting stuck in a crowd. Sure, the occasional rush hour traffic jam can be a bother, but even its biggest and liveliest cities like Huntington and Birmingham are a welcome respite from overpopulated metro areas like Manhattan and Los Angeles.
  5. The festive mood never stops with various annual celebrations

    Don’t let the easygoing manner fool you. With a wide variety of events and festivals dotting the local community calendars, you won’t run out of fun things to do in Alabama. In fact, New Orleans’ signature Mardi Gras festivities has its roots in the port city of Mobile, AL – the first capital of French Louisiana.

    Mark your calendars for the breathtaking Alabama Jubilee Hot Air Balloon Classic every Memorial Day Weekend, the fanciful Alabama Renaissance Fair
    every October, the mouth-watering Baldwin County Strawberry Festival (April) and Dothan Peanut Festival (November), and many more!

  6. Alabama has a vibrant musical culture

    Speaking of festivals, did you know that the Yellowhammer State hosts nearly 30 annual music festivals in the summer alone? It speaks volumes about how this state loves and celebrates its rich musical roots.

    Alabama is more than just about country music. You will find popular and innovative genres and acts here, too. The Hangout Music Festival, for example, is headlined by global music stars and is staged at an exceptional venue in the coastal city of Gulf Shores.

  7. The state is home to outstanding higher education programs

    Auburn University and the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) are acclaimed educational institutions, especially if your children are interested in pursuing studies and careers in science, engineering, or business. UAB also has an esteemed medical program.
  8. Learning and discovery are not limited to the schools

    One of the best things about living in Alabama is having a multitude of educational attractions and destinations all around you.

    Historic landmarks abound. The USS Alabama is a historic battleship that now serves as a museum on Mobile Bay. The entire town of Mooresville is a living museum that presents a glimpse into life in one of Alabama’s oldest towns. You can find Ivy Green, the childhood home of influential deaf-blind activist Helen Keller, in Tuscumbia.

    If you prefer a more modern and forward-looking perspective, the US Space & Rocket Center is located in Huntsville.

  9. Living in Alabama is more cost-effective than most states

    Alabama boasts of a lower cost of living compared to most states. This makes it easy to buy a beautiful, century-old home without breaking the bank. You can even explore your income-generating opportunities by purchasing a potential-laden parcel of land.

If reading this list has you thinking about moving to Alabama, get in touch with local experts who can help you make it happen. Contact Bill Mackey Real Estate today for the best professional services you need to relocate to the Yellowhammer State. Call 334.289.8470 or email bill(at)billmackey(dotted)com to learn more.