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General Information about the life in Alabama

Life in Alabama

Alabama is a land of stunning natural beauty. Residents here have the distinct opportunity to live amid breathtaking mountain scenery, a selection of stunning bodies of water, and so much more. The state is also home to several industrial marvels, replicas, and memorabilia of which are housed in museums and other cultural heritage sites.

So if you’re planning on moving to Alabama, let us show you how it’s like living here.

Mountains at your doorstep

The Appalachians run right smack through Central Alabama. This is where you will find the state’s highest peak, Mount Cheaha which stands 2,413 feet above sea level. Also part of the Appalachian mountain system is the stunning Cumberland Plateau. These are among the best places to visit in Alabama if you’re game for an outdoor adventure.

52 miles of beach

Alabama does have a coastline โ€“ its southernmost tip touches the Gulf of Mexico. Small as it may seem, it’s one of Alabama’s hidden gems. You can revel in the sand, sun, and surf of Dauphin Island. Get a feel of history at Fort Gaines. Or party by sundown at Orange Beach.

Great food

As with other states in the South, barbecue is a staple in Alabama. But some restaurants here refuse to be stereotyped with the standard barbecue and biscuit fare. For their efforts in diversifying their food options, Birmingham, AL recently ranked #1 in the list of Zagat’s Americas Next Hot Food Cities. So check out Birmingham for the best restaurants in Alabama. Notable among them are Bottega for Italian food with an American Southern flair and the Fish Market Restaurant for all things seafood.

Real estate

Also known as the Yellowhammer State, Alabama is a state of sprawling ranches and acres upon acres of rich, raw land. Its real estate market is dominated by large homes with wide yards, as well as lots that come with naturally flowing streams and an abundance of trees. One can purchase as much as 920 acres of land here.

Patches of land within the fertile Black Belt region teem with rich foliage and wildlife โ€“ an indication of their earning potential in the timber industry or as a private hunting reserve.

The more developed lots have farm homes in log cabin style or luxurious mansions complete with a swimming pool and horse stables in rolling pastures.

The real estate market here is very hot and market experts predict that the upward trend in home values will continue for years to come.

Fun activities

As if great dining spots and spectacular natural landscapes aren’t enough, there are still other fun things to do in Alabama.

Golfers shouldn’t miss the 468-hole Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail, a favorite venue of LPGA and PGA tours.

Kids of all ages should also go to Huntsville, AL, also known as Rocket City. This is where resident engineers designed the launch vehicle that brought astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin to the moon and to history โ€“ the Saturn V. It now sits as a reminder of that glorious past in the U.S. Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville.

As for amusement parks in Alabama, The Park at OWA in Foley will not disappoint. This amusement park has both traditionalrides for children and death-defyingroller coaster rides for the more daring.

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