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What to Look for When Buying a Commercial Property

buying a commercial property
For many, the residential home buying process is something that they have experienced before; however, buying a commercial property serves more of a specific niche. It plays an important role for business owners, professionals, investors and more. Now, we’re here to guide you through the process—and what you should be looking for.

Ample Space
Buying a commercial property can mean more freedom for you and your company. However, if you skimp on the space, no one will be happy. When you look through commercial properties, consider the exact number of the people that will be in the office, and the number of customers that you will be accommodating (if that applies). If you can’t envision them working comfortably, it may be time to tour the next property.

Parking Lot
Your commercial property should have enough space for both employee and customer parking (if that applies). If there isn’t enough parking for them all, it can spell trouble. Don’t forget to make the parking lot a priority. It isn’t too glamorous, but it sure is important!

Natural Lighting
Natural lighting has been documented for improving moods and productivity, so this applies more in an office-type environment. Not only will you save on lighting costs, but the people sharing the space will enjoy it more.

Break Room
Let’s face it: many of us need coffee to be productive. Having a breakroom can make days at the office better for all employees. Plus, having a place to eat can encourage employees to bring in healthier meals and save on lunches too.

Some buyers need more storage than others. Still, it’s important to make sure that your commercial property will suit your needs. Otherwise, your overflowing supplies could make a neat workspace into a big mess.

You may know how many people are working for you now, but what about the possibility of expansion? If you imagine growing your company, you may want to look for a larger space that can grow with you too.

Public Transportation
In larger cities, it’s less common to own car. If any of your employees rely on public transportation, proximity to buses or subways can shorten their commute. Make sure to check out local public transportation and where your potential property fits on the routes.

Soon, the papers will be signed and you can starting moving in furniture. You have the tools and knowledge you need to have at your disposal when buying a commercial property. Still need a trustworthy Realtor to help you out? Hoping to buy or sell a residential property? Call Bill Mackey at 307-690-6879 to begin. As for learning more about the world of real estate, check out our blog here.