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Here’s Your Home’s Fall Maintenance Checklist

Though the challenges of summer heat and weather are finally ending, this means that the seasons are ushering in a new era: autumn. With it, you may encounter different problems or concerns, ones that you can address. Simply follow your home’s fall maintenance checklist to prepare it for autumn—especially if you’re getting it ready for sale soon.

  • Start collecting lumber. Want to eliminate leaves at their source and stock up on lumber for colder times? Rev up your chainsaw and clear your property of trees. In the South, winter often breaks through fall very suddenly, so being prepared will prove a huge relief.
  • Eliminate clutter. Whether your yard is littered with leaves, debris, or children’s toys, it can get sloppy in the fall. Get out your leaf blower or rake and start clearing the mess. If you’re looking to sell, this is an especially important task to follow.
  • Check on your pipes. As it gets colder, your pipes may freeze. Don’t just wait around for it to happen. Instead, check on your pipes—regularly—to make sure that there’s no damage.
  • Deal with your wardrobe. Now, you can put away your summer clothes. Even better, you can pull out your favorite sweaters! If you live with other people in the household—especially children—help them arrange their fall clothes in their wardrobe as well.
  • Unpack fall supplies. On that note, you should also bring out any fall supplies from storage. Heavier blankets, boots, and even Halloween decorations can finally enjoy their time out of the attic or basement. And you can finally toast to the start of autumn with a mug of hot cider.
  • Improve your heating situation. Not only should you inspect your boilers and heating system, you should check on your chimney and fireplace. Make sure everything is in running order. That way, when it gets chilly out, you won’t have to worry about a hasty fix.
  • Clear out your fridge and freezer. We often get complacent about what’s in our refrigerators. Take the time to clear everything out, tossing expired items. Then, use soap and water to wipe away grime from your fridge and freezer. You’d be surprised at how dirty it can get. And besides, you don’t want to eat from a haven for germs, do you?
  • Prevent pest invasions. You know how cold the seasons can get. Well, so do pests. To them, your beautiful home looks like the perfect fall vacation. Not only should you spray for insects and check for lice and termites, you should also search for any potential entrances to your home. Then, cover them up, preventing pest invasions prematurely.
  • Tidy everything. This final item on your home’s fall maintenance checklist focuses on all-around cleaning. While spring cleaning is popular, you shouldn’t limit it to a single season. Instead, every winter, spring, summer, and fall, you should tidy up your house until it’s in tip-top shape.

Despite the trials of a new season, you have the tools you need to prosper. Using your home’s fall maintenance checklist, you’ll create a presentable house in no time. Soon, you’ll find yourselves overwhelmed with one pleasant thing: a sense of relief.

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