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General Information about Selling Properties


The best way to sell land is throughfirst making it distinct from selling a standard home. And we prepared a guide that will show you these differences and how you can market your land more effectively.

Land market vs. home market

  • Lifestyle and location
  • Before anything, realize that there are distinct differences between target buyers for homes and for raw land. Your average home buyer will be concerned with a certain lifestyle and the home they have in mind will allow them to live out that lifestyle. Land buyers will most likely be concerned with the location of said land and its earning potential. 

    • Property viewing
    • The typical home buyer will be expected to enter comfortable surroundings, go through a series of well-lit rooms, perhaps even get served a cup of coffee or tea and snacks during the homeviewing.

      The land buyer, meanwhile, is half-expected to get down and dirty as they inspect your land. Especially when going on an Alabama property search, they may even have to saddle up for a horse ride to get around.

    • Selling approach
    • The home selling market is quite colorful and creative, especially since the units being sold come in various sizes, shapes, architectural styles, and historical value, among many other things. It also follows that there’ll be more demand for homes than for lands. So expect the home selling market to be noisier than its land counterpart.

      Marketing raw land means seeing pictures of grass, trees, land, farm structures, and more land with the occasional farm animal or two in online listings. So more patience is required when selling land.

      Selling your land right

      Now that we got expectations managed, here’s how to properly sell your land to generate the best profit.

    • Know your buyer profile
    • You know your property, of course, but do you know the kind of buyer it will cater to? This, among several other questions, is what you need to ask yourself as you signal your desire to sell your land.

      Once you know your target buyer, you can then craft your sales pitches to make these tailor-fit for them. If you’re targeting a buyer eager to move their family to the countryside, then float the idea of a rural setting that’s not far from urban conveniences. If you have raw land, provide insights on local zoning ordinances, as well as the potential for utilities.

    • Prepare for site visits
    • Same as with open house viewing, you should also prepare the land for potential buyers. If you have raw land, at least clear it of debris; at most, try planting wildflowers for a touch of beauty. Plus, it will look good in your marketing photos.

      Having the land surveyed beforehand will also come in handy to mark your property’s boundaries. Showing results of this survey to a buyer will give them a better idea of what they can expect from the land. Thus, you raise your chances for a sale.

    • Right pricing still matters

    Know that choosing the right price for land can be more complex than getting the average home price in Alabama. Especially for raw land, you may have difficulty finding similar sales to compare to. Plus, there’s the factor of how the raw land can be used. Acreage that can be used for luxury condo development will definitely cost more than one intended for a solitary home. An Alabama property appraiser and a good real estate agent with expertise in selling land will know these fine details to arrive atthe best price for your land. Thus, it’s best to consult with these professionals.

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