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7 Quick Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Home

Whether you’re buying, selling, or simply enjoying life in the same place, spring cleaning your home is a necessary task. Though you may have slacked off this winter, with a bit of work, you can come home each day to an immaculate house. Follow these tips—then you can kick back, relax, and have a wonderful season.

  • Decide on a cleaning method. Are you someone who likes to cross items off your to-do list as soon as possible? Have time restraints? Or do you prefer to work on things gradually? Before you start spring cleaning your home, you should decide on a method. For instance, you can pick a date and make a day of it. On the other hand, you could tackle a room or two at a time, working until your home is nice and clean. As long as the tasks get done, the methodology is up to you!
  • Toss expired products. Expired food is full of germs—and it can make your home smell awful. Go through your kitchen cabinets and fridge, searching for old or expired items. Then, toss them! Don’t forget to take them to your outdoor trash can or dumpster immediately after, so that your home doesn’t start to smell.
  • Clean inside kitchen appliances. Now that you’ve gone through—and thrown out—your kitchen products, it’s time to get cleaning. Wipe the fridge inside and out, cleaning stains and other messes. Don’t forget to clean out your microwave and your oven too. Finally, for the finishing touch, deep-clean your sink. Make sure to use a clean sponge during the process—especially when dealing with the sink.
  • Declutter and donate. Spring is the perfect time to give your home a free mini makeover! You can even profit from it. Go through your house, room-by-room, and see what items or furniture you use—and what you don’t. Though you may have to throw out some of these items, you can donate—or sell—others. If you donate, make sure to get a receipt so that you can claim the donation on your taxes.
  • Attend to your bed. A neat bed can make a huge difference. In fact, it can even make your room look cleaner, as beds draw peoples’ eyes. Now that it’s spring, you can switch from flannels to lighter sheets. Strip your bed of all the sheets and the pillowcases from your pillows. Replace them with clean sheets and pillowcases. Finally, don’t forget to wash your old sheets and comforter or quilt.
  • Uphold the quality of your upholstery. Did you know that you can vacuum your upholstery? It’s true—just be gentle and go with a handheld vacuum. You can also go the extra mile and apply some stain remover.
  • Deep-clean your bathroom. No excuses—it’s time to deep-clean your bathroom—toilet and all. If you have difficulty bending down or want to make things easier, you can clean the inside of your shower or tub with a mop. As for the sides of your shower, use a squeegee.

It’s natural to hibernate a bit in the winter. By spring cleaning your home, you can break the pattern and transition into a sensational new season. Plus, your home will look incredible, too!

Spring is a time for new beginnings—including finding the home of your dreams. For an experienced real estate team, call us at 334-289-3470. Finally, to learn more about homes and home maintenance all year round, visit our blog here.