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6 Tips for Getting Your Home Ready to Sell in the Winter

Icy windshields, chilly mornings, and frozen dew—in the winter, the weather outside is frightful. However, just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean that your house’s sale will freeze in its progress. Instead, follow these tips for getting your home ready to sell in the winter, for your own sales success story.
Employ warm hospitality. So, how does this fit under our tips for getting your home ready to sell in the winter? When potential buyers enter your home, they’ll most likely be shivering in the cold. This means that they may already have a negative first memory when they enter your house. Still, you can combat this easily! First, offer to take their coats, hats, and scarves, and hang them up on a hook or in the mudroom. This will automatically help buyers picture themselves coming home to your house. Then, offer them something hot to drink in a clean mug. For children, you may want to find a paper cup with a lid or something that is less inclined to spill. Then, as people come in, have a batch of hot chocolate simmer on the stove or coffee and tea ready to go. They’ll appreciate the hospitality and begin their visit with a positive impression.
Go for classic—and spare—holiday decorations. When potential buyers view your home, they want to find a place where they imagine themselves living—all year-round. If you have a wide array of holiday decorations cluttering your house, visitors may not be able to picture themselves living there in the spring, summer, and fall. If you still feel like adding in a festive decoration, go with classic, earthy choices. A single well-placed wreath, some unscented holiday candles, or a garland on your front porch are all options that allow you to celebrate without distracting buyers.
Put some sugar cookies in the oven. This is an old strategy employed by real estate agents all over. Not only will the house smell delicious, but you’ll have a snack to offer potential buyers when they come in.
Create a comfy living space. Add some soft folded blankets, throw pillows, and a small rug or two to make the house look nice and comfy. Notably, you shouldn’t go wild with the decorations. Just find a few strategic places to put them—like the couch and the bed—and remember not to over-decorate. The goal is to make beds and couches look comfortable, allowing buyers a place to sit down and imagine themselves settling into at their potential new home.
Have a stack of seasonal photos. Knowing what their potential home will look like all year long is important to buyers. Have a stack of seasonal photos on hand, placed somewhere strategic like a kitchen island or coffee table—of your house through spring, fall, and summer. Make sure that these are not family photos, including people you know, but photos that show the house as it is.
Seal up any gaps and finish contracting work prior to any tours. Ever walk into a chilly home and spend the whole time trying to get warm? If doorways, cracks, and windows aren’t sealed up, potential buyers could have this experience in your home. Not only should your home have its contract work—and inspection—completed, but you should make sure that it’s safe and properly sealed.
You can turn the challenges of the colder months into a big win for home-sellers everywhere thanks to these tips for getting your home ready to sell in the winter. If you’re ready to buy or sell your home, give us a call at 334-289-8470 or send us an email at bill@billmackey.com. Want to learn more about home-buying and selling? Visit our blog here.